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Happy Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's Day to all.  What a Blessing to be amongst the living one more time.  Pictured is my Daddy on my wedding Read more

Hilton Head Embraces Me...

What a wonderful outing I enjoyed this weekend.  This was another Opportunity to share my book with a different community of people who lovingly embrace the works of others.  I was the one and only author which was an awesome Read more

It's Good Friday...

Deacon Keitt and I draped the cross at Zion Baptist Church this morning in black.  The black is symbolic of the darkness brought on by sin for which Jesus paid in full on our behalf.  What a friend we Read more

Giving Back Every Step of the way...

Tonight I had the awesome opportunity to speak to a provisional class of the Junior League of Cobb/Marietta.  These ladies are awesome and caused me to pause and remember how I too was anxious to place my mark on Read more

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Bernadette Keitt is a native Bostonian. She and her husband Thomas are enjoying their golden years. Bernadette retired from the Federal Government after more than thirty years of credible service and her husband with comparable time in the private sector. From their union are two children. Her passion is all things having to do with the building of character and moral fortitude in children. Her secret desire has always been to be the natural mother of five children. Her husband let her know early on in their relationship, and in no uncertain terms, that he could afford two children with or without her. Needless to say he won that battle. Based upon the content on the pages of this book it would appear that was a noble decision.